Cor-Les Consultants is a health education and
promotion company.

"We promote wellness in forgotten communities to raise an awareness of preventive strategies on
health related issues.

Our Mission and Vision:

To reduce health disparities and high risk living within forgotten communities and promote wellness and conscientious (right) living through education and spirituality.

Our Model:

Our model is to provide face-to-face communication through workshops, seminars, mini conferences, and community forums to diverse audiences to encourage change and social justice.  Our approach is to heal one person that will tell their family, and the family that will advocate for a neighborhood, and the neighborhood that will create change in a region, and the region that will change our nation.

Our Core Values:

  • Commitment – We are committed to promoting preventative  education and total wellness (mind, body, and soul)

  • Consistency – We are consistent in our mission in helping the underserved

  • Experience – We have over twenty-five years of experience in working with diverse populations  

  • Flexibility -  We are flexible to meet the needs of our clients locally, nationally, and globally

  • Integrity – We  exhibit an ethical standard of truth and justice in all of our endeavors

  • Love -  We promote love  and genuine caring to every client and community we serve

  • Respect -  We respect all racial and ethnic groups, cultures, and environments

  • Spirituality – We promote the importance and power of spirituality in total wellness

Company Overview:

Cor-les Consultants and Cor-Les Institute is a female,
minority owned company.

Cor-Les Consultants is a health education and promotion company that provides education, assessment, and technical assistance. We provide education and information on health and health related topics through:

  • Demonstrations
  • Courses
  • Seminars
  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Web telecast
  • Symposiums
  • Conferences (mini and summer/winter institutes)
  • Individual and group support
  • Newsletters
  • Community forums

Participants will receive information and educational materials that will enhance their knowledge base on health related issues. All literature presented is age, culture and gender specific. Every activity will be used to distribute information to the public sector and forgotten communities of racial and ethnic minorities.


Meet Our Founder and President:

Valerie E. Robinson
President & CEO
Cor-Les Consultants
and Cor-Les Institute, Inc.


Valerie E. Robinson is the President & CEO of Cor-Les Consultants a health education and promotion company and Cor-Les Institute, Inc. a national training and education center. Ms. Robinson has worked as a private consultant in the areas of substance abuse and nutritional health. Ms. Robinson’s areas of expertise include substance abuse treatment and prevention strategies, managing and assessing opiate addiction treatment programs, assessment and development of training programs for substance abuse practitioners.  Ms. Robinson has trained nationally and internationally on self-esteem building, substance abuse treatment and prevention strategies, clinical issues in treatment settings, confidentiality and ethical practices, health related issues, culture competency, clinical supervision, group therapy, creative interventions for treatment retention, overweight & obesity in the Black church, combating the Hip-Hop diet among youth, adolescent trauma and violence responder, pediatric HIV/AIDs, health care delivery systems and implementation of mental health programs, and other health related issues. 

Ms. Robinson’s vast experience in the field of social services has catapulted her into international arenas, where she has been given the opportunity to grace large platforms in churches and worldwide health and wellness conferences. She has dedicated her life to influencing the nation in the area of spiritual, mental, and physical wholeness and healing. Ms. Robinson is presently working on a doctoral degree in clinical and culture psychology with a focus on illicit drug use/abuse among inner-city older adults of African descent.

Non Profit Overview:

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Support our community programs. All contributions will aid in fulfilling the vision, of combating health disparties among underserved communities through education and training. To help those communities that have been labeled as high-risks, high crime, severe urban poverty and illiteracy, and disproportionate rates of illness.

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Cor-Les Institute, Inc.

Board Officers:

Valerie E. Robinson
President  & CEO
Washington, DC

Barbara M. Goliday
Chair (Acting)
Mt. Rainer, MD

Raymond Greene-Joyner
Vice Chair
Baltimore, MD

Velvenia L. Minor
Bowie, MD

A. Denise Killen
Alexandria, VA

Board of Directors:

Det. Erica Johnson
Michelle Wilson
Tennille Coombs
Saberina A. Ballard

*Special Advisor to the Board

Advisory Members:

Glenn O’Gilvie
Derek Harps
Pastor Kwabena "Kibby" Otoo
Shelia L. Thorne



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