I have truly enjoyed meeting all of the different women, fellowshipping and lifting God. Patrice Gaines was a joy to listen to. I truly am blessed to have met her. It has been wonderful to be able to express how I feel and to know that someone else understands. It has been great that I can get inspired by something that someone says and they may not even know what a difference they made. I feel honored and blessed to have been invited to this healing retreat. Listening to the panel was a new experience and I felt so blessed to have heard the women share. The Circle of Completion activity was a eye opener for me. I so enjoyed Valerie. She is truly anointed by God. She told me something that had been on my mind Sunday morning. There is no way anyone would have known what I was thinking about but God, thank you God for using Valerie. It was wonderful to see how He moved in so many lives. The miracles will never end. Remember ask for a new miracle everyday. Coyette

Our Colleagues, Clients, and
Leading National Experts Agree...

Judge Robert Russell
Acting Erie County Court Judge



"I am privileged to know and to have worked with Ms. Valerie Robinson. She is a gifted, knowledgeable, stimulating, energetic practitioner, facilitator and teacher. Her background, expertise, and commitment to improving the quality of life of others in distress or in training others in her approaches are invaluable and commendable.

          Valerie’s approaches to spiritual, mental and physical wholeness and healing is sorely needed in the Criminal Justice arena to break the cycle of recidivism and to help others to successfully reintegrate from prison to their respective communities. I salute the work of Ms. Valerie Robinson and the work of Cor-Les Consultants and Cor-Les Institute, Inc."

Jeffery A. Hoffman, Ph.D.
President and CEO of Danya International, Inc,.


"Val Robinson is one of the most energetic and dedicated people I have ever met - with her energy and dedication to reducing health disparities
she and her company will have a major impact on the health and wellness of communities of color. She brings great vision, passion and faith to her work and has a positive effect on everyone she meets and touches. I look forward to great accomplishments from Cor-Les!"

Apostle Betty P. Peebles
Jericho City of Praise

"I am proud and excited for Valerie, my spiritual daughter. I have watched her grow and develop in many ways. Now she is being catapulted to her destiny. I know that the vision God has birthed in her will bring Glory to God and blessings to the community."

Sheila L. Thorne
President & CEO
Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC

"Val Robinson embodies the heart and soul of a woman of African descent committed to her community, passionate about her commitment and tenacious in her efforts to improve the quality of life and health of all those in the Black Diaspora.  Her spirituality fuels and drives her passion.  All who come into her presence are better for it ... mind, body and spirit!"

Professor Alfred "Coach" Powell
Human Motivation Circle

"When it comes to dedication and commitment to healing the community, Valerie Robinson has few equals. She has been a godsend to those fighting the stigmas of HIV/AIDS and drug addiction. In her free workshops for low-income families, she shares her expertise in nutrition how to prepare low cost, healthy meals, portion control, and eating disorders. As Valerie works to expand her vision, I believe she and her associates will make a positive, healing impact in the lives of families and communities throughout the nation."

Hazel N. Dukes
NAACP New York State Conference of Branches


"I write to congratulate you on every level, for your commitment to serving the many “underserved populations,” across this nation.  Populations who, because of poverty or discrimination, receive less than their fair share of services.

Uncovering and addressing disparities in substance abuse treatment and general health care begins with a special dedication, to education and social change, from individuals like you and agencies such as Cor-Les Consultants.  You and I know, that cultural competency has long been recognized, as a key component of care—and helps to reduce civil as well as social disparity.
Valerie, your experience as an advocate for treatment, prevention, wholeness, healing and your influence in the community are supported by your work. 

When we accept tough jobs as a challenge and wade into them with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen.  I wish you continued success in every endeavor."

Boris "Bo" Cheek
NFL FJ #41

"I always knew that whatever you did you would do it 100% Keep up the great work and good luck in your future endeavour.

God Bless You,"

Maureen O'Hara, Ph.D.
Chair of Psychology
National University

"Valerie Robinson is a true servant leader. Her sense of the urgency of providing health education for those who are historically overlooked comes from a deep sense of love and responsibility. Valerie is not one to curse the darkness but prefers to bring light. She has seen first hand the debilitating effects of neglect, ignorance and indifference that has resulted in suffering and despair in underserved and forgotten populations and in response she has created innovative and spiritually grounded educational approaches to health care. When I first met Valerie I was immediately impressed with her unique vision and her willingness to move every mountain to create adequate and love filled approaches to care and I knew at once that here was a leader who make things happen. This new venture has all the ingredients of success as she brings her remarkable commitment to human welfare to those individuals and communities who desperately need it. Watch out world. Here comes change!"

Lyn Freeman, Ph.D.
Executive Faculty
Saybrook Graduate School

"I have known and worked with Valerie for several years now, as she has progressed in her doctorate degree program.  Valerie’s commitment to excellence and her passion for addressing the pain and disparity experienced by others puts her into a rare class of individuals: those who will change the world they live in for the better."

Peter Hayden, Ph.D.
Founder and President
Turning Point, Inc.


"I have had the great opportunity to call Val a friend and colleague for over 15 years.  In that time, she has been a true friend and also a true mentor.  There comes a time when everyone must reevaluate their gifts.  This time is a great opportunity for Val to share her gifts with the world.  We have worked together.  We have prayed together.  And we have encouraged each other together.  I wish Val success with her new company.  Leonard Sweet, in his book Summoned to Lead said “Leaders are neither born nor made.  Leaders are summoned.  They are called into existence by circumstances, and those who rise to the occasion are Leaders.” 

Valerie is a true leader.   She has been summoned."

Frances L. Brisbane, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Social Welfare
Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center

"You truly have “Old folks” wisdom, and you are wise beyond your young years. Couple these with your compassion, knowledge, skills, goal-directedness, and spiritual endowment, you are uniquely positioned to achieve your mission. It will sustain you in passionately helping people, and teaching/training others how to emulate your God given ministry, which you practice in professional settings.

I am proud of you and happy to be a part of your life."

Sr. Pastor Kwabena Kibby Otoo
Action Chapel Virginia

"Val Robinson is a special gift to humanity, one of God’s best kept secrets that is now about to be unveiled to this generation.  For as long as I have known her, she has successfully maintained a healthy lifestyle while encouraging and guiding others to do the same.  I am thankful to God for the lives that she has touched and the countless millions she is about to impact.  I highly recommend every household around the world to receive and embrace her life changing message of health."

Roslyn M. Brock
Chair, NAACP
Board of Directors

"I'm proud to be a witness to God's grace and abundant blessings as He expands your territory in the ministry you've birthed called Cor-Les Consultants.  You have been ordained for such a time as this and I look forward to seeing you reap the harvest. Stay strong, walk tall and continue to share your bright light and wonderful smile with the world through health education and promotion."

Frankie Darcell
Radio Personality 92.3 FM (Detroit, MI)

"Valerie "Val" Robinson submitted in love, to my college colleague.  What an amazing woman and child of God.  By her mere introduction, its clear who she is and who's she is.  After more than 20 years, we reconnected by seeing each other at The National Convention of the NAACP in Detroit, Michigan, where I now live and work.  What a surprise and blessing after so many years to find a person who gives so much to so many and asks for so little in return.  "Val" I wish you well."


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