Cor-Les Consultants and Cor-Les Institute, Inc. provides...

Cor-Les Consultants and Cor-Les Institute, Inc. will provide education and information through demonstrations, courses, trainings, workshops, web telecast, symposiums, conferences, individual and group support, newsletters, and community forums. Participants will receive educational materials that will enhance their knowledge base on health related issues. All literature presented is age, culture and gender specific. Every activity will be used to distribute information to the public sector to all forgotten communities including ethnic minorities (African Americans, Latino/Hispanic, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and Asians) that have high rates of health disparities.

Our team is a group of seasoned professionals who have a minimum of twenty (20) years of experience in their specific areas of expertise. They have exhibited a commitment of fighting for the rights of those underserved populations throughout this nation and abroad. We are excited about our partnership with over 150 consultants. 

Services and Workshops:

  • Strategies to Prevent and Overcome Overweight and Obesity (Adults)
    • Spirituality
    • Education and Demonstrations

  • Strategies in Preventing and Combating Overweight and Obesity - The Hip-Hop Diet (Youth/Teens)
    • Education and Demonstrations

  • Community Advocacy
    • Community Forums and Meetings (planning/logistic and facilitation)
    • Communications
  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Strategies:
      • State/government agency assessment and support
      • Clinical Support (all modalities)
      • Training: information and education
      • Conference Support (planning and logistic)

  • Culture Competency

  • Adult:
    • Life Coaching (daily/weekly support)
    • Parenting Skills
    • Daily Survival Skills (spirituality)
    • Individual and Group Support 
    • Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Children:
    • Trauma Assessment
    • Pediatric HIV/AIDs

  • Youth/Teens:
    • Gang Violence Prevention
    • Abstinence Maintenance
    • Peer Pressure Support
    • Prevention Strategies – Sexual Transmitted Infectious Disease (STID), HIV/AIDs
    • Future Development Skills
    • Mentoring – male and female
    • Self esteem building
    • Individual and Group Therapy
    • Hip Hop Diet

  • Other services and workshops are available upon request

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