What does Cor-Les mean?
Cor-Les is the combination of the President/CEO grandmother’s first names. Both women exemplified strength, power, and passion in helping their fellow man. Cor for Cora Snead Robinson and Les for Lessie Augusta Crenshaw.
What does the logo mean?
The logo is the Jesus Fish turned vertically with an arc representing the Arc of the Covenant flowing through. These symbols combined signify that God is directing the movement of the company and fresh manna from heaven will always flow.

What does “Forgotten Communities” mean?
Forgotten Communities are those underserved communities that have been labeled as high-risks, high crime, severe urban poverty and illiteracy, and disproportionate rates of illness. These communities also have and receive limited resources for change. 

How can I request services or workshops?
Services or workshops can be requested through the Contact Us page.

Can group rates be established?
Yes, group rates can be establish for small organizations and individuals.

Is Cor-Les Institute, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt nonprofit organization?
Yes, we are tax exempt and all contributions to Cor-Les Institute Inc., are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Where will Cor-Les Consultants and Cor-Les Institute, Inc. provide services?
We will provide services throughout the United States and abroad.

How are consultants assigned?
Consultants are assigned according to their area of expertise and the specific nuances (race & ethnicity, culture, age, and gender) of the audience.  


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