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Take the challenge! We are asking 2011 people to make simple consistent lifestyle changes. We believe if you start small and be consistent it will lead to a longer, healthier life, with permanent changes.

Our daily confession:

We declare that we will not die before our time. We will walk in Health and Strength every day of our lives.

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Peaches Robinson
I will cut back on smoking, sugary snacks, bread, and drink more water.

Michael Wright I will drink more water and exercise.

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A Grocery Store Drive By

 If you live right, you will eat right” That’s our motto.

Go grocery shopping with Doc V.  We are looking for people interested in improving their eating and grocery shopping habits.  Many of us can benefit from this face-to-face activity.

How many times have you gone to the grocery store and purchased items that you did not need or were not beneficial to your health? We are promoting “A Grocery Store Drive By” - a 2 hour session at your local grocery store for a special rate of $75.00 instead of the normal $125.

This is a great opportunity to understand why you purchase certain foods and review alternative items, such as sweet potatoes vs. white potatoes, hot air popcorn vs. potato chips, fruit vs. candy, extra virgin olive oil vs. salad dressing, almond or rice beverage vs. whole milk, and many more.

Contact us and we will help fulfill your dream of healthy living!

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